I’m Simona, a writer, content creator, and digital marketer based in the Netherlands.

Since 2019, I’ve been writing on Medium, an online publishing platform with over a hundred million monthly visits.

My articles have been featured in the most popular Medium publications, including Better Marketing, The Writing Cooperative, The Startup, or Curious, accumulated over a million views and covered topics from marketing, SEO, and online business to psychology, productivity, and personal growth.

In 2021, after two years of gaining new skills and refining my draft, I turned my hobby into a full-time job.

Currently, I create content for companies and clients, focusing on

  • digital marketing niches (content strategy, content optimization, SEO, email marketing)
  • online business (strategies, growth hacking, audience building)
  • psychology
  • personal development

Besides client work and Medium, I regularly share my best insights on (copy)writing and freelancing in my newsletter with over 1,000 subscribers.

I also create digital products and build niche websites.

Featured In

What helps me to write engaging content?

> My work experience

  • Seven months as a Search Engine Analyst at DCP Global: I’ve learned to evaluate and optimize content, making it suitable for search engines and readers while reaching the best possible results.

  • Six months as a Research Analyst at AskWonder: I’ve gained expertise in advanced research (e.g., deductive and inductive reasoning or qualitative analysis) and learned where & how to obtain relevant and highly-reliable data. 

> Writing courses

  • Essay Writing, The University of California, Berkeley
  • Academic and Business Writing, The University of California, Berkeley
  • The Art of Persuasive Writing, Harvard University

> Digital marketing courses

  • Digital Marketing Training, Neil Patel
  • Digital Marketing Course, HubSpot Academy
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google Skillshop

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